Insurance Agency Lead Management System and CRM

Insurance Agency Lead Management SystemInsurance Agency Lead Management System and CRM.

To be a successful insurance broker, you need to be knowledgeable about your products, personable with your clients, and driven to keep up with the ever-changing marketplace – but that’s not all.

You could be the best salesperson in the world, but if you don’t have a way to keep all your sensitive client information, and all your incoming leads, organized and secure, it will affect your business.

Today we will discuss a premier insurance agency lead management system, and how it can take your agency to the next level of efficiency.

It’s called Lead Bank, and it’s a game changer.

Why Use Lead Bank as your Insurance Agency Lead Management System?

Lead Bank is an ‘open platform’ crm designed to help you aquire & track new leads, stay organized and maintain your existing book of insurance business.   The platform is designed for use by all agency staff as an agency crm and can also be accessed by your referral partners for sending and tracking new opportunities.

No sensitive client data is accesable to the referral partners but the crm is open enough for partners to see the status of a case and the agents ‘non-private’ notes.

You assign each referral partner with their own unique log in details so they can easily login and input each new opportunity.  The agent or brokerage manager gets an email notification of the new lead submitted so the potential client can be contacted.

There is no need to run two separate client and lead tracking programs. This insurance agency lead management system helps organize your clients from the first call through the initial sale and then for the life of the client.

A customer relationship manager (crm) specifically designed for life insurance agencies.

Using Lead Bank’s Insurance Agency Management System to Build Your Network

Most companies want to network because it is one of the best ways to get your brand out there in front of the people that can help you build it up. Networking exposes you to opportunities that you can’t get through advertising, and it eases the burden of constantly trying to find life insurance leads on your own.  Plus, a warm lead is much better than a purchased lead from a lead seller.

Yet, people are busier than ever, and taking time to attend networking events, let alone getting together for coffee or making calls and paying phone tag to pass on potential leads, is time consuming.

Lead Bank give agents a platform to build and manage their referral network more efficiently. Working remotely, you can connect with potential network partners and give them the ability to send you leads all in one, handy database.


Lead Bank in an insurance agency CRM that has been optimized for netorking and referral patner arrangements.

Scaling Lead Bank’s Insurance Agency Management System

Lead Bank is designed for agencies of all sizes, and it will grow with your business. You choose from among four plans, from starter to enterprise. Each plan accommodates the number of leads your agency expects to generate each month, and includes unlimited users, lead sources, and CRM tools.

This means you could have 5 or 500 users and you pay for what you need.  Your success is our success.

Get Started Today

Lead Bank is the insurance agency lead management system that is designed with you and your company in mind. Check out how it works, and sign up to get started.

You are just a few clicks away from a bigger, better, more organized agency.