Life Insurance Professionals: Working Remotely While Traveling

Life Insurance Professionals: Working Remotely While Traveling.Life Insurance Professionals: Working Remotely While Traveling.

You can’t open your Instagram feed or Facebook page without being assaulted by images of people who are working happily from the beach, from a charming villa in South France, on a train winding its way through Europe,  or while watching the Running of the Bulls in Spain.

While you, humble Canadian life insurance agent or broker, bundle up to face the wrath of January’s weather as you plod to your windowless office for yet another day of hunting down evasive leads, do you wonder if it’s really possible to get paid to work while you travel?

The answer is yes!  You, too, can be posting hazy, dreamy Instagram photos of your feet up by your laptop while you sip lemonade while overlooking the seaside!  How can you join the ranks of the travelling self-employed worker if you are a life insurance agent or broker?

By having the right agency crm and life insurance management software.

What is Life Insurance Management Software?

As a life insurance professional, you know that all the good carriers have online software and e-apps to make your life easier. You also know that you can work with your clients in the most modern, tech-forward, convenient way possible – purely online.

What is missing from your ability to work remotely is a life insurance management software system with a full suite of CRM tools and the ability to gather, organize, and monetize leads 24/7 from your referral partners.

Wait no more. The life insurance management software you need has arrived.

Say Hello to Lead Bank and Say Goodbye to Frosty Windshields

Lead Bank is a life insurance management software system that was created by successful life insurance brokers. It was created in Canada for life insurance professionals around the english speaking world by a tearm of successful brokers that know what it takes to succeed, and to compete with insurance-selling banks, credit unions and other competitors.

When you use Lead Bank, you have the entire power of your business network at your fingertips. You assign your network partners a unique log in so they can sign in and enter the name & contact info of new leads for you. You get a notification, and then simply contact that lead and close the sale.

Your referral partner can see how each lead they’ve sent is progressing through your pipline and all of your ‘non-private’ notes on the file.

Lead Bank works on any platform and on any device. That means, instead of jumping in your icy car to buy coffee for your busy referral partner, you can open your laptop while tanning in Hawaii, see that a lead has been entered, and email a nice thank you note to the source.

Lead Bank is ideal for life insurance professionals and their referral partners.  It’s transparent platform for tracking and managing inbound insurance leads and powerful agency crm for the insurance professional.

It’s very affordable, too. Lead Bank can be scaled from the individual broker up to a national agency.   Your entire staff of administrators, advisors, managment, and referral partners can use the crm platform and the monthly subscription is based purely on new leads – not cost per user.


Go Ahead and Escape – Travel While You Work

Thanks to Lead Bank, your office is wherever you are, be it diving a cenote in Mexico or floating down the Danube in a riverboat. All you need is a connection to Lead Bank via a laptop, computer, or smartphone.

Along with the online e-apps and carrier software you are already using, you now have all the life insurance management software you need to leave your desk behind and have adventures while you earn your living.

Visit Lead Bank today to get started.