How to Generate Insurance Leads Online

Generating Insurance Leads OnlineHow to Generate Insurance Leads Online.

Life insurance has changed over the years to take full advantage of the Internet. These days, a broker can work with clients remotely, giving them every opportunity to get the coverage they need quickly and conveniently.

With e-apps and online quoting software available for life insurance sellers, it makes sense to find life insurance leads online too.

Here is how to generate insurance leads online.

Use Social Media

Your clients first meet you “online.” These days, very few people check out a store or service without first visiting the company’s social media sites. Your clients are no different. They are looking for relevant and frequent posts on your social media, showing that you are keeping up with the times and that you are in tune with your client’s needs.

They are looking to see if you have good reviews on Facebook, and if you respond timely to messages.

Your lead sources and referral partners are also going to be looking at your social media sites, and for all the same reasons as your clients. When you ask someone to be a lead source and network with you, they want to ensure that you are conducting yourself professionally and that being in your network will reflect positively on them.

Advertise Online

Thanks to Twitter, Yelp, Facebook and Instagram ads, you can create a professional-looking ad in minutes, and sent it to thousands of people for just pennies on the dollar. You are likely already using online ads to help fill your pipeline, but have you thought about using it to grow your base of network partners as well?

You can generate insurance leads online by advertising directly to people you want in your referral network, such as mortgage brokers, general insurance agents and fee for service financial planners. The bigger your network, the more leads you will generate each month.

Use Lead Bank

As you grow your network of lead sources & referral parnters, you will need a way to keep them organized, to communicate effectively with them, and to let them see the progress you are making on each lead. You can manage your growing insurance leads from both potential clients responding to your online efforts, and your life insurance lead partners in an insurance agency CRM program called Lead Bank.

Lead Bank helps you generate insurance leads online because it’s a one-stop hub to manage your business. In addition to giving your lead sources a quick and easy way to simply log in from any platform and on any device to input life & heatlh insurance leads for you, the program comes with the CRM tools you need to protect and organize your data.

Lead Bank is different from other CRM tools because it was created by life insurance brokers and is focused for those in the insurance industry. It has scalable price points to ensure all insurance professionals, from brokers working on their own to large agencies with plenty of staff, can maximize their potential.

As a cloud-based application, Lead Bank is a powerful tool for your life insurance business.

Stay Ahead of the Competition by Being Online

The notion of the life insurance salesman in an office or on the road making calls is long gone. Today’s successful insurance brokers are online where they are seen, heard, make connections, and grow their networks.

Don’t get left behind. Take advantage of everything the Internet offers to make your business a success.

To learn more about Lead Bank and how it can boost your brand, check out this short video.