The Best Life Insurance Lead Generation & CRM System

The Best Life Insurance Lead Generation & CRM System 

The Best Life Insurance Lead Generation SystemLife insurance brokers and agents want one thing: warm leads. If you are a life insurance professional, this blog is for you. Read on.

It’s important to have several lead sources. Not only do these sources help grow your business, but they also enable you to help as many people as possible get the coverage they need.

It’s incredibly difficult to get enough leads on your own. Once you have assisted your friends and family with life insurance, you have to network, advertise heavily or start knocking on doors to continue to generate enough leads to survive and keep the doors open.

The problem with advertising for lead generation

Let’s talk about advertising for a moment. It’s helpful – but it’s a much more useful lead generation tool for other types of businesses. Life insurance makes people uncomfortable, which is why far too many do not have the coverage they need.

You can advertise that you are open for business all day long, but unless your clients know why they should come to you (financial planning, travel coverage, health insurance, estate planning, etc.), the “why” is best learned through consultation.  Generally, most people dont know why they need you until after they spend some time with you – advertising is not a great method for generating leads and its expensive.

Networking for lead generation

Networking, on the other hand, has always been the go-to for life insurance agents and brokers.  Succesful brokers have their own style but ultimately it comes down to connecting with people…. lots of people.

Opportunities generally come from all directions:

  • Local business groups such as BNI or Chamber of commerce – Are you a member?
  • Referrals from your existing clients – What if you are just starting your business?
  • Purchase web leads – Are they new or recycled?
  • Leads from your own website – Are you regularly working on your website?
  • Friends and Family – Will they all buy from you?
  • Marketing parterships with other professionals – Can you say Lead Bank?

Using a life insurance lead generation system

Today, there is a new level of networking that agents and brokers in the know can use to their advantage. It’s a life insurance lead generation and management system that helps you organically build a powerful network of lead sources.

It’s called Lead Bank.

Lead Bank is an open platform CRM that elegantly streamlines communication between yourself and your referral partner (lead source). Each partner is given their own log-in credentials that you assign. When that partner has a lead, they input it directly into their Lead Bank account.  You get an email notification and contact their lead, making notes on your interaction and updating the status of the opportunity.

Lead Bank is designed for transparency with referral partners without transmitting any private or sensitive information. The referral partner can see the progress and non-private notes until the opportunity is closed by the agent, at which time new information cannot be seen by the referral partner.  The reason the lead information is frozen to the referral partner once the opportunity is closed in because Lead Bank is dual purpose and also works as a life insurance advisor CRM (Customer Relationship Management System).  Life insurance professionals can easily manage all of their leads and existing clients within the Lead Bank sysem.

With Lead Bank, you have a professional platform that makes it easy to connect with other professionals (debt counsellors, mortgage brokers, credit managers, fee for service planners, realtors, accountants, estate planning lawyers, etc.) and non-profit groups (church groups, youth organizations, minor sports teams & associations, charitable organizations) that may be motivated by a referral fee or simply the warm feeling of doing the right thing for someone.

With very little effort on your lead source’s part (inputting leads they come across), but with great reward (cash for their non-profit initiative or for their clients’ charitable interests), both you and your referral partners are always in a win-win situation. You can also use Lead Bank without offering a referral fee because it is a great way to build a transparent network in the ways you feel most comfortable.

Lead Bank tracks all the leads and allows you to add notes. It’s a handy way to manage your leads, your sales, your sources and your clients’ information. The platform is specifically designed for life insurance professionals with CRM funtions and tools to help you manage and grow your business.

Pricing is based on activity.  Your organizaiton only pays the new leads that come in so your expenses and revenue are very closely aligned. The platform is scalable, so as your referal network and brokerage grows, you can lower your per lead cost while adding unlimited agents and lead sources.

Getting started with Lead Bank

Lead Bank is the only CRM and Lead Management system designed specifically for life insurance professionals.   Professionals in Canada, USA, and UK who are interested in growing their business through the power of networking are welcome to contact us directly for a personal tour of the platform.

To get started with Lead Bank, view this short video on how the system works, then email for the next steps.