The Easiest Way to get Passive Revenue in Canada

The Easiest Way to get Passive Revenue in CanadaThe Easiest Way to get Passive Revenue in Canada.

Passive revenue is money you make indirectly. For example, your job provides you with non-passive income. You are the driving force behind your salary, thanks to your hard work; but with passive income, your money, or the work of others, nets you a financial gain.

It sounds good, doesn’t it, having an incoming stream of money that you don’t have to actively engage in making, day after day? For this reason, many people invest in real estate or the stock market, hoping that their money or rental properties will create reliable passive income streams.

However, there is a much easier way to get passive revenue in Canada.

Lead Bank is a dynamic new open platform CRM that life insurance agents and brokers are using to build powerful referral networks. Many of these agents and brokers offer a referral fee for each lead that converts to a sale. This means anyone who is partnering with an insurance professional and uses Lead Bank can get their own passive revenue in Canada just by referring people that need life insurance to the broker!

If you don’t know a life insurance professional we can connect you with a brokerage in your area.

Increased Revenue for Life Insurance Professionals Using Lead Bank

Of course, this is a great tool for insurance professionals to increase their active revenue streams, too. By using Lead Banks’ easy network-building system, referrals can start flowing into the inbox at a very steady rate.

Lead Bank was created by life insurance brokers who knew that professional advisors needed a tool to help them remain competitive. With captive agents, group life offers, independent brokers, and even banks all looking for a piece of the life insurance pie, there is no lack of competition.

Lead Bank was created as a resource for those who wanted to stand out in the marketplace and engage in the most modern form of networking and referrals; it’s an online platform that works on any device and is quick, easy, and affordable to manage.

Lead source partners simply log in using their own credentials, then enter the name, phone number, and email of the new lead referral. That’s it! The professional is notified when a lead is entered, and then sets to work on the opportunity.  If the referral becomes a client,  the lead source is compensated with a referral fee or donation to their favourite charity or group.

Attention Life Insurance Brokers and Agents: Easily Build Your Network 

Who makes a good referral partner? Anyone who wants to generate a donation or referral fee to themselves or their organization.  So, basically, everyone!

Community groups that fundraise are a great place for insurance professionals to start. The organizers of your child’s hockey or soccer team, Girl Guides, gymnastic groups – approach them with a referral offer, and have them poll the parents and staff in their network for leads. They enter the leads, you make the sale, and they get money for their non-profit group.

Brokers can reach out to for-profit corporations, too. Those in the financial industry who do not sell life insurance have ready access to people that need your services. Real estate firms, mortgage brokers, debt councillors, financial planners – by working with you and using Lead Bank, they can generate passive income for the charities their company supports, the annual Christmas party or other initiatives.

Don’t forget about unions, church groups, grads raising funds, and even friends and family. Anyone that would be willing to recomend your services and motivated to make some easy passive revenue, could a good partner for your Lead Bank network.

Lead Bank is the Easiest way to Generate Passive Revenue Referral Partners

 These days, most Canadians can’t get by without some form of passive revenue, and as a life insurance professional, you can use this fact to your advantage. By offering the easiest way to get passive revenue in Canada to the people, groups, and companies in your community, everyone wins.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

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