Life Insurance Advisor CRM

Life Insurance Advisor CRM – How to Manage your Leads.Life Insurance Advisor CRM.

What is CRM? That term stands for “customer relationship management.” It’s how life insurance advisors & brokers manage their client data, stay organized, make sales and grow their business.

A good life insurance advisor CRM is critically important for success. Without tools in place to aggregate, track, and convert leads; run reports and analyze your activity; how can you grow your business?

Selling life insurance is far more than just talking to people about policies, its a business that requires a customized system to run efficiently.  To be truly succesful, you need to learn what drives your business forward, and learn what is holding you back.

Who are your customers and where do they come from?

The first step in maximizing your efficiency is organizing your prospecting and client management  A life insurance specific CRM allows you to easily see each opportunity in your pipeline, your activity on each file and the status of each.  Once a lead becomes a customer you’ll need to set reminders for future follow-ups.  Keeping good client notes – from prospect to long time client – is essential and you’re CRM is where you’ll do this.

With your leads and clients, you need to:

  • Aggregate your leads & clients in one place for easy management.
  • Keep track of your activity for each file.
  • Have a follow-up strategy so you’re not making contact too often or not enough.
  • Record your notes keep an activity and governance record.

With your partner network, you need to:

  • Supply an easy way for ‘lead sources’ to send you leads.
  • Easily report on your activities and case status so your ‘lead sources’ can see your progress.
  • Be transparent with your activities
  • Organize your partner network in one place

The Ultimate Life Insurance Advisor CRM Tool

You could have several apps on your computer or smart phone: one to track clients, one to track productivity, and one to measure metrics, but why spend all your time dashing among CRM performance measurement tools?  Life insurance advisors in Canada, the United States and UK use  Lead Bank – the only CRM designed specifically for agencies, advisors, agents and brokers.  The one tool that will dramatically improve your income and combines all the functions you need in one application.

Lead Bank is different from other CRM tools because it was developed by life insurance professionals, specifically for life insurance professionals.

With a life advisor insurance CRM, you have one simple, easy and efficient way to manage your new and existing business while growing & reporting to your partner network:

  • Track which ‘lead sources’ are generating the most leads for your agency
  • Provide transparency to your lead sources on all non-private activities
  • Generating and capitalizing on opportunities to find, engage, and win lifelong clients
  • Track each client’s interactions with your company, from first contact through follow ups
  • Use tools that are specifically designed to improve your life insurance sales productivity now, and in the future
  • Keep track of your entire business, complete with notes for each client, in one application that works on all devices and platforms.

Lead Bank is Evolving

Lead Bank is a life insurance advisor CRM, specifically designed by a few insurance professionals that needed a custom solution.  The original plan was to fill a need for their own businesses but as the platform evolved it was decided to offer the system to other insurance advisors in Canada, the United States and UK. Lead Bank is designed for life insurance professionals only… this is not a platform that can be manipulated for the insurance industry.

Deveopment is ongoing and there are many exciting improvements coming to this resource that will further increase the capabilities.

Start by visiting and watch the short animated film. Then, check out the package options – each one is priced according to the stage of your business and how busy you are.

Pricing is based on activity and not the number of users in your organization.  If you’re just starting, go with the ‘starter plan’ and keep your monthly commitment to just $9/mth in Canadian dollars while you build your business.  As you activity / income grow your subscription will will reflect your activity.

Call 1-888-638-1150 or email Life advisor CRM is vital to the success of your business.