The Best Life Insurance Lead System

The Best Life Insurance Lead SystemThe Best Life Insurance Lead System.

Are you a life insurance agent or broker looking for the best life insurance lead system? Look no further! Here is why Lead Bank is everything you need for to find, track and manage life insurance leads in Canada and the United States.

What is Lead Bank?

Lead Bank is an online program that runs seamlessly on any device, and on any platform. It is a one-stop space for life insurance professionals to build a network of lead sources where both the agent and the lead giver  can view and track the leads. It provides a variety of tools that are designed to help you grow and maintain your network, and it also provides a competitive advantage in an industry that includes agents, brokers, credit unions and banks of all sizes.

Lead Bank was created by Canadian life insurance brokers that wanted to have the best life insurance lead system for their business. The vision was to create a system specifically for life insurance professionals to boost their effectiveness by creating a referral platform for inbound leads and combining it with a customer relationship manager (CRM) for the agency.

How is Lead Bank better than the Old-Fashioned way of Networking?

Lead Bank brings networking into the digital age. It’s the best life insurance lead system because you simply set up your lead sources and referral partners with their own log in and password. Your network of lead sources and referral partners enter the leads they have and you get a notification within a few seconds.

Each lead source can view the leads they’ve sent and the agents non-private notes, and the status for each open lead they’ve sent.  Your network will love the transparency.

Lead Bank easily allows you to grow your network of individuals and groups that will send you insurance leads. As a broker or agent, you may choose to offer a referral fee to anyone or any organization that is looking refer your services and generate some passive revenue.

Want to pitch your services to the Girl Guide families in your city? Ask the organizers of your local Girl Guides chapter to be in your network and offer a referral fee for each lead that converts to a sale. They recomend you to their families and contacts for the life and health insurance they need and generate some income for the troupe.  You get more sales, your network expands, and a deserving community group raises funds with minimal effort.

Is Lead Bank Affordable?

One of the ways Lead Bank is the best life insurance lead system in Canada is due to its flexibility and affordability. You only pay for a set amount of leads that flow through the system, and you can dictate that amount. If you are a one-person office, you may want to start with the starter or professional package, so you’ll have full access to the advisor CRM and only pay for the leads you receive. If you are a medium-to-large firm, the agency and enterprise packages will be more suitable.

Make the Best Life Insurance Lead System Work for You Today

If you are a life insurance agent or broker in Canada or the United States, you need an easy way to find, track, organize and see reports on your leads, and you also need a fast way to grow and report to your network of referral sources.

There is one answer – Lead Bank. Call us today to take a look.