Life Insurance Leads that Convert to Sales

Life Insurance Leads that Convert to SalesLife Insurance Leads that Convert to Sales.

Put your hand up if you love calling people on the phone to talk about life insurance, especially when those people have no idea who you are.

It’s uncomfortable, isn’t it, that dreaded cold call? Sure, it’s a little easier if your lead is a friend, client, spouse, or a relation of one of your clients, but not all clients want to hand over contact information as a referral.

You need sales to have a successful business, but how do you get life insurance leads that convert to sales without the hassles, cold calls, or without relying on your clients? How do you get meaningful leads from people that want to buy life insurance?

Start by embracing technology

If the phone is still your primary mode of life insurance leads that convert to sales, you are missing out! Today, there are many ways to find, contact, and convert leads, including social media, networking groups, and lead generation software. Using SEO keywords on your blogs and in your social media will naturally draw prospective clients to you.

Build a referral network

Your referral partners shouldn’t just be your clients. Speak to others that are in the financial services industry, but who are not direct competitors. This means financial planners, mortgage brokers, credit managers, real estate agents, debt counsellors, etc. They all have clients that need life insurance – give them a good reason to refer you.

Expand your network

You may offer a referral fee for your services, and this can help you expand your network and get more life insurance leads that convert to sales. What community sports team, social group, union, or church group wouldn’t love a referral fee for each lead they send that converts to a sale? Incentivise others to provide referrals and your business will grow.

Get organized

Now that you have put down the phone, picked up the computer mouse, started networking, and incentivised non-profits in your community, you need an easy way for everyone in your network to submit, track, manage and process those leads.

Lead Bank is a Canadian-owned and run technology that allows life insurance brokers and agents to easily build, track, and manage referrals with complete transparency to the referral partner. It’s very easy to use.

Simply create a log in and user name for each referral partner so they can input their leads. You see those leads in Lead Bank, and you update their progress when you contact them. No personal information outside of names, numbers, or emails is shared with the lead source.

Once a lead converts to a sale, the lead info is locked to the lead source so they will not see any further updates for your new client.

In addition to network building, you will be able to track which referral partners are helping you produce the most volume, you’ll have a record of leads that have converted to sales, have access to tools that will help you build your brand, and more.

Lead Bank is very affordable. It works on all major platforms and across all common devices. It’s the perfect tool for the busy life insurance broker on the go, and it’s the perfect tool to help you get and convert life insurance leads to sales.

Check it out and learn more

You can get your own personal e-tour of Lead Bank by calling 1.888.638.1150 or emailing Don’t let another day go by where you are sitting at your desk wondering how you are going get life insurance leads that convert to sales. Be proactive and use the program that will streamline your efficiency and help you get the leads you need for your business.