Life Insurance Leads for Sale

Life Insurance Leads for SaleLife Insurance Leads for Sale

As a broker who is looking to build your business, what is the one thing you need after you get your licence and a set of awesome business cards? You need leads!

If the fact that you could conduct most of your appointments online appealed to you when you decided to become a broker, you’ll love that you can get life insurance leads without ever having to make cold calls to prospective clients or knock on doors.

Want to know how it works?

Are the Life Insurance Leads for Sale?  Sort of…

Before we get down to how you get the life insurance leads, let’s first take a look at where they’re from.

Leads are the name and contact info of people who need life or health insurance.  You want actual people, in the provinces you are licenced in, that want and need insurance, and who have already made some inquiry into the process.

The most succesful leads typically come from a reputable source or circle of influence that has the best interests of the potential client in mind. There are plenty of sites that promise to help build your brand, get you notices, create traffice, or get you to the top of Google for some obscure term – but then don’t deliver so you’re out your investment with no new business.

You must have a ROI to be worth your time and money. This is exactly why Lead Bank was created. The founders of Lead Bank are life insurance broker too… with many years of experience in the industry.  They know how important quality leads are for new and established brokers.

They also see the continued encroachment of banks into the life insurance sphere – and launched Lead Bank as a way to create and manage a netork of referral partners… like the banks.  The platform enables a life insurance agent to receive leads from their network in an easy to manage way.

Since the leads are from your own network, the prospects take your calls and your conversion rate is much higher in than buying leads from a service or web leads that request information from multiple sites.

The platform levels the playing field and empowers brokers to create a vast network of lead sources.

Start getting life insurance leads

It’s easy to get your own set of Canadian or US  life insurance leads every month.  Simply contact us and schedule a tour of the platform and see how easy it is set-up your network.  Your subscription is based on the number of leads that go through your account every month so you can begin with a ‘starter’ plan for only $9 CA/mth and upgrade as you build your network and receive more leads.

Lead Bank is also a sales CRM designed specifically for insurance agents so even if you cant find one single person to send you a lead (probably should find another profession) you will still have access to the client manager.  You will easily make your monthly investment back in just one small sales.

Each referral partner gets their own log in info – that you set up for them.  Then they simply add the names and contact info of their potential clients to their Lead Bank account.  You get a notification and your lead source can track the progress of the lead they sent.

What Else can Lead Bank do for me?

Lead Bank is an inbound lead agregator, sales CRM and reporting platform that helps you build a thriving referral network. You can easily add professionals, charities, infuencers that would like to refer you business and possibly receive a referral fee.

You can also add a custom website with a contact form that feeds directy into the Lead Bank platform.  It’s a simple, elegant, and affordable solution for anyone who is looking for a quality website the search engines can easily index.

Want to Learn More?

You can get your own personal e-tour of Lead Bank by calling 1.888.638.1150 or by emailing A representative will walk you through all of the features, and will help you determine which plan is ideal for your brokerage.

Life insurance leads only work when they are real and in your target demographic – and that is exactly what Lead Bank provides. Check it out today so you can build or grow a great business.