How Much Do Life Insurance Leads Cost in Canada?

How Much Do Life Insurance Leads Cost in Canada?

As a life insurance broker or agent, you spend your days helping the people get the life, health, accident and sickness coverage they need. It’s a noble pursuit that saves the family’s financing when the unthinkable happens – so why aren’t people flocking to your door for your services?

It’s likely not your fault. The truth is, an estimated one-third of Canadians don’t have life insurance. It’s something that too many people put off due to the nature of the conversation (“Hey, let’s talk about death and debilitating illness” is seldom a cherry conversation starter).

That means you, brave soul, have to venture out there to find those life insurance leads. You can pick up the phone and do some cold calls (get ready for rejection), you can beg your friends and family for leads (hey, why wasn’t I invited to Thanksgiving dinner this year?) or you can push your clients to provide you with the names of their uninsured friends (it’s a great way to have your calls avoided… for life) or you can build stable referral network of influential professionals.

What do life insurance leads cost in Canada?  Very little if you are prepared to do some work.

What do they provide you with?  Steady business without the cost of your friends, family and sanity.

Here’s how it works.

Life Insurance Leads Cost – How to Determine the Value

Here’s an easy way to see if the cost of life insurance leads will provide you with a high ROI and bring added value to your business. Start by asking yourself this question: “Does my business need clients?” Did you answer yes? Then, congratulations. You have just justified your life insurance leads costs. Did you answer no? Then we are happy to hear that your business is thriving and that you don’t need a quick and easy way to gain access to unlimited opportunities while enjoying user-friendly software that tracks and maintains those leads from inquiry through to conversion.

What do Life Insurance Leads Cost?

When you use Lead Bank, a cloud based service for gathering and managing insurance leads,  you’ll pay a monthly subscription based on the number of leads your ‘lead sources’ send you every month.  Each account comes with an advisor friendly CRM to manage your active leads, reminders, calendar scheduling and an intuitive dashboard for reporting at a glance.

Most importantly, leadbank enables you to share the non-private details of your progress with your lead sources so they can see how things are going with the opportunities they’ve sent you.

Lead Bank – The New and Efficient Way to Pay for Life Insurance Leads

Lead Bank was developed by a experienced life insurance brokers that know, firsthand, how important it is for brokers and agents to have a solid referral network and be transparent with partners. In order to help others develop their life insurance businesses, leadbank was created, using the collective knowledge of what it takes to be a successful as an insurance agent.

This is not a curation service where random numbers are taken from directories. The leads you receive are from your network of professionals and have been referred to you with an interest in the insurance products you are selling.  Your lead sources could be mortgage brokers, general insurance agents, lawyers, accountants, realtors, charitable organizations or anyone with that has confidence in you as a profesional life insurance broker.

You simply use leadbank with your lead sources to agregate inbound opportunities into one easy to manage platform.

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What do life insurance leads costs? Not much really. How much will not having quality leads cost you? Time, energy, frustration and possibly your livelihood.  You need leads for your business to succeed, so skip the hustle of constantly trying to drum them up on your own.

For one low monthly subscription, you can have the one tool you need to succeed for your brokerage or agency grow and thrive.

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