How to get Life Insurance Leads in Canada

How to get Life Insurance Leads in CanadaHow to get Life Insurance Leads in Canada

Being a life insurance broker is a very rewarding job. You get to help people in your province get the financial protection they need, and deserve, to mitigate the financial risks of death, accident, illness or a costly travel mishap.

However, being a broker also means being self-employed, and as all entrepreneurs know, getting clients when you work for yourself takes up a large portion of your day.

Finding life insurance leads in Canada isn’t the easiest part of your job, but thanks to a new service from Leadbank, it just got a whole lot easier.

How Does Lead Bank Help Brokers get Insurance Leads in Canada?

Lead Bank is a sophisticated online software that eliminates the hassle of cold calling strangers to ask them about their life insurance needs. As many brokers have already found out, the cold sales call is largely ineffective; most Canadians don’t like thinking about, let alone discussing with a stranger, their own mortality or the threat of serious illness in their life!

Leadbank was designed to help brokers gather and manage those vitally important insurance leads in Canada in a much more progressive and modern way than the antiquated cold call. Potential leads are simply submitted into the portal by a brokers referral network, and then receives a notification when the lead is entered for them. The broker can then call the lead and get the client the insurance coverage they need.

Where do These Leads Come From?

The true strength of Leadbank is its flexibility. It is designed to work within your style of marketing and lead generation. Each person generating leads on your behalf gets their own unique log in. That means you can work with: general insurance agents, mortgage brokers, community organizations, friends and families, financial professionals, unions, church groups – whomever migth be a referring you life insurance leads in Canada.

Leadbank is scalable. You may use it just for family members that are spreading the word about your brokerage services, or you may use it to interact with a large network of professionals that receive referral fees for each converted lead.

Professionals that provide services such as financial consulting and debt consolidation have an interest in helping their clients get the life and health insurance they need, even if they don’t typically offer insurance themselves. Such professionals are usually quite willing to help you garner leads. With their own unique Leadbank credentials, these professionals will help you grow your business as you, as a referral partner, help to grow theirs.

Community groups that rely on fundraising (parents whose kids are in hockey, dance, marital arts and gymnastics know what I’m talking about!) make great referral partners, too. If you offer a donation for each converted life insurance lead, they are more motivated to promote your brokerage through their network, since doing so can help fund their operating costs.

If you are uncomfortable in sourcing your own networking & referral partners, leadbank is not for you.  The system is designed to help you gather, manage and report on inbound life insurance leads.  Three different pricing plans give you the option to have all the benefits of the Leabank CRM plus your prepaid number of leads. It really doesn’t get more convenient than that!

How do I Start Getting my own Life Insurance Leads in Canada?

Leadbank is the way of the future for life insurance brokers in Canada.  Banks are cross referring everyday and their networks are the single biggest threat to the future of independent life insurance agents.

No more cold calling people during their dinner hour and getting nothing but the dial tone when they realize a life insurance professional is calling! Simply make Leadbank work for you by building your own network and have leads delivered right to your inbox.

Call 1.888.638.1150 or email to get started.