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The Dashboard

This is the starting point, a summary of lead counts, recent activity and top-referral partners.


My Leads

All active leads are displayed in the “My Leads” tab.  Leads are easily sorted by column, product or custom tag and colour coded by time and number of days since the last activity.


Referral Partner Summary

A listing of your referral partners, number of staff registered to send leads and their lead count by status.


Contacts Summary

Manage all your contacts and their relationships – easily seached and sorted in several ways.



Easily manage your appointments & reminders.

Is There a Free Trial?

There is not a free trial.  It’s not really possible to test the full value of the platform in 2 weeks or even three months because it typically takes a bit of time to build a solid referral partner network and start generating leads.

The ‘$10 Starter Plan’ is our trial.  It includes all of the CRM tools you need to get started.  The only difference between the starter for $10/mth and the professional for $40/mth is the number of data base contacts that are in or go through your account.  Once you reach 100 database contacts your subscription is automatically transitioned to the professional plan and you then have unlimited databased contacts.

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