Buy Leads

Life Insurance Leads for sale.

  • Leads are sold in blocks of 25.
  • Delivered automatically to your CRM account – Leadbank subscription is required.
  • Instant email and SMS notifications.
  • New leads only – no recycled or aged leads.
  • Leads are typically individuals age 40-70 with 70% needing a simple issue solution.
  • Duds are replaced – A wrong name and bad email / phone number is dud.
    • A lead not buying insurance is NOT a dud.
  • If you do not renew your lead package – available leads will be offered to the next broker on the waiting list.


Available Leads By Province

ProvinceCost Per LeadAvailable Per MonthNext Step
British Columbia$45 - (Blocks of 25)300Leadbank Subscription Required
$45 - (Blocks of 25)300Leadbank Subscription Required
Saskatchewan$45 - (Blocks of 25)25Leadbank Subscription Required
Manitoba$45 - (Blocks of 25)25Leadbank Subscription Required
Ontario$45 - (Blocks of 25)50Leadbank Subscription Required
Yukon$45 - (Blocks of 25)Waiting
NWT$45 - (Blocks of 25)Waiting
Nunavut$45 - (Blocks of 25)Waiting
Quebec$45 - (Blocks of 25)Waiting
Nova Scotia$45 - (Blocks of 25)Waiting
New Brunswick$45 - (Blocks of 25)Waiting
Newfoundland$45 - (Blocks of 25)Waiting
Prince Edward Island$45 - (Blocks of 25)Waiting